Small House Living

In our house, we describe certain circumstances as “luxury problems.” We are well aware that we are privileged to have the means to build a beautiful cottage from the ground up. It is fun, it is exciting, and we are fortunate to get it just right…except for one thing. Decisions must be made about what stays and what goes. Things must go, and yes, they are just things. And when the large things go because they are too large, small things must be purchased. This is an example of a luxury  problem. Marie Kondo we are not!

Meredith, Elyse, and new pup Alice shopping for plants to fill up our shared backyard. 

Meredith, Elyse, and new pup Alice shopping for plants to fill up our shared backyard. 

Here are some things that Meredith and Elyse discovered way back in the spring while moving from a 1300 square foot home with a garage to a 613 square foot home without one:

  1. There will be many arguments. If I have to give away a table, you have to give away a desk. 
  2. Things you thought you could never part with will suddenly find a new home.
  3. Downsizing is highly emotional and second guessing this whole plan will occur.
  4. No one makes recliners that are small enough to replace the ones you once loved.
  5. When you find a recliner you think is small enough, it just isn’t the same.
  6. Books take up a lot of space. You try to convince yourself, you no longer need to keep lots of books because you have a Kindle. This is sad. Very sad. 
  7. Family photographs make the cut but they still have to live in the crawlspace.
  8. You will forget where things are stored. Christmas ornaments will have to be found next year.
  9. Precious collections can be downsized. You discover which tablecloths are your favorites, which photos show up on the wall again, and how to re-think your wardrobe.
  10. When you break through denial, the downsizing does lose some of it’s sting. Benefits begin to show up. Cozy spaces can still be created once the boxes are out of the way. It is fun to see our stuff being used by people we love.
Maude and Alice patrol the backyard. 

Maude and Alice patrol the backyard. 

Summer has officially arrived in Seattle and we thought you might like an update on how our settling in process is going. It turns out we can gather with friends in the living room, there is ample counter space to cook family meals, and it truly feels like home. The garden is blooming, the pups are free to roam, and on any given evening we can be seen chatting between the two houses from our back windows.

Oh, and our new storage shed is just adorable, isn't it?